Every one would have a best buddy in their life. But, mostly have a common friend to those who like to be with them. Don’t get confused, the common buddy everyone have is their pets, especially dogs. One who likes animals, who had pets, their first preference would be their pet. And mostly we choose dogs as our pet at home.

dog-715545_640Dogs had highest sensing power than any other pet and not even humans also. Before any incident take place around our surroundings dogs can easily capture it with its sensing capacity. There are many breeds in dogs of which each has their own sensing capabilities. Even police also use dogs which are highly trained in difficult situations to find the culprit.

Dogs do multi-tasks for people like, they hunt, play with us, protect us from enemies, would be as a guide for handicapped persons, etc. and what not they can do. They even communicate us with their language and actions. The person who can understand its language can easily identify what it wants to say.

Capabilities of Dog’s:

The high sensing capabilities of dog are as below:

  1. They have excellent vision, in which they can identify the known and unknown person easily even in the dark. They show their fell through their different sounds, when they see different people.
  2. They can exhibit emotions, when they feel the person from their heart.
  3. Can sense any one by their touch and feel their presence even after a long time.
  4. Once they smell anything they can easily identify them even after years and they can find the person if missing or the culprit through sensing their smell.
  5. They can sense the climatic changes, or any bad around our surroundings, cyclone effects through magnetic force.

Sensing power in detecting diseases:

Dog’s had highest sensing power in identifying threat in environment. They also had dog-352327_640sensing power and are well trained in identifying thyroid cancer. They smell the patient when they detect cancer in the patients. Then doctors take samples and test it, and found the threat.        This method is followed by trained dogs in many hospitals. Dogs had 200 million sensing receptors, through which they can smell and detect any culprits, person or anything they were trained more.

The Lifespan of dogs vary according to their breeds. They generally live for 10 to 14 years of age. Some may generally stay alive more than 14 years. Both human and dog have a fantastic attachment among them and the relationship between them would be more than in any humans.